A Rime of the Frostmaiden Actual Play

Beneath the unyielding night sky and eternal winter of Auril, five adventurers traverse the frozen wasteland of Icewind Dale, seeking refuge in the last flickering candlelight of civilization here at the end of the world known as Ten Towns.

Join us every Saturday at 6 PM PST live on Twitch as we delve into the bone-chilling secrets that lay beneath Ten Towns, fight cunning and devilish monsters that seek to destroy these last pockets of humanity, and perhaps even uncover the secrets hiding within ourselves. Things in Icewind Dale are never as they seem...

Charlotte is a highly advanced Warforged automaton and the party cleric. Though she has a prim-and-proper air about her, she is ferocious on the battlefield and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to protect those she loves. While Charlotte does not recall much of her past, she doesn’t let that stop her from forging a bright future with her comrades.

Dorriel (aka Dori) is the cutest, best-at-pranks, smartest, wisest 10 year-old Warlock Satyr there is. Originally from the Feywild, they were living a wild party life with their parents and two sisters. Don't be fooled by their youth and small size - Dori can drink anyone under the table any day. After Neeru (their patron and best friend) took them to the Material Plane, they met the party on this new and unexpected adventure in Ten Towns. One day they'll return home, but for now they make new friends everywhere they go and fight side by side with them so that one day everyone can be happy.

Terpsichore is a Yuan-Ti Pureblood rogue. Born into a family of bardic, more humanoid yuan-ti, Terpsichore was left abandoned at a temple of Klothys due to her only being able to excel in dance rather than song or verbal storytelling. Despite this, she has always maintained her sunny disposition and wholeheartedly believes this is what Klothys wants. After learning the roguish craft and following the death of her rogue friend, something drove Terpsi out of the temple to explore the world. She’s recently discovered her ability to learn more from the dead; although, so long as she can dance across the land, that hardly matters.

Zarius is not a very good Vedalken. He's always been much more interested in classical magic than the mixing of machines and mana that his species prefers. Kidnapped due to a foolish delve into lost secrets, he has found himself in the unforgiving lands of Ten Towns. Nearly dying when he escaped his kidnappers, he accidentally activated Charlotte and she saved him. After spending nearly a year with her, he is even less of a good Vedalken, as Charlotte has chipped away at the dispassion that so defines his race. Faced with the harsh realities of Icewind Dale, he is leaning heavily into the education he has afforded himself, growing in the ways of magic as he attempts to protect his fledgling party of adventurers without succumbing to the invader living in his mind.

Mistral is a DM-ran NPC who sometimes joins the party on their shenanigans. She is also the mascot of our channel and the bard bringing tales from around the realm and beyond!

Momo is a veteran of the role-playing scene. Spending many years bringing stories to life, running campaigns for others, and organizing events has given them a love of the tabletop and role-playing community. They are a Queer Indigenous (Chickasaw)/Japanese person, a 3D printer wizard by day (Technical Support Supervisor), and a variety streamer by night (TTRPG, Video Games, Etc). Momo has an eclectic set of interests, skills, and experience, including 3D modeling, activism, video games, TTRPGs, voice-over & traveling. Due to a period of homelessness and much adversity in their life from a young age, they have not been able to pursue those passions that so interested them in their youth to the fullest, having to prioritize their stability instead. After many years of scraping and saving, they have reached a place to allow those creative desires to bloom, creating a successful stream with their friends with the goal of bringing positivity, inspiration, and uplifting many voices and stories to be told on their platform "A Minstrels Tale."